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Mold Remediation Testimonials

Google Review - IT COST ME MORE IN THE LONG RUN.... I had clogged drain lines, a pipe broke and my business flooded, an absolute nightmare, the fear of closing for a long period of time forced me to hire cheap and get fast back to business. I was in a panic and could not afford to close shop. My plumbers did a great job! But, I had no clue the damage sitting water could cause, I learned the hard way. A month after the incident we began to smell a musty odor and continued to linger. Someone suggested that it could be a dead animal in the walls, or behind furniture. We decided to give it a good cleaning, we moved furniture to discover dark spotting outside the bathroom walls. We had MOLD! I decided to investigate as the issue was growing and learned that water is a SOLVENT! I had to call certified experts to resolve this as now my employees and customers would be at risk. Henry and his team came out right away, I was in a panic and their calm demeanor, professional tools and efficiency reassured me that everything would be done fast and RIGHT. Even after everything was done they followed up. I was in the loop with time frames and communication with Edward (Farmer’s agent) was great help in getting things processed with SERVPRO. In retrospect, I should have called SERVPRO at first to handle the flood, and avoid the mold. Henry and his team was great! Thank you!

Yelp Review - My technician Albert was very knowledgeable.  He explained in detail the entire process for the mold and mildew remediation I had to have in my laundry room as a result of a leaking jacuzzi pump.  They were thorough, neat and handled my possessions with care. I would highly recommend SERVPRO Northwest  Long Beach location to anyone in need of water damage repairs.

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Thanks to Henry Sonboli for taking care of the mold situation in our recently purchased home.. He and his crew were professional and proficient and very detailed. We can rest and enjoy our new home. Thanks for the special attention.

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I had a major water damage when I called the SERVPRO team. To make the matter more complicated, I was having some friends over for the next weekend. The team started drying the place immediately. They were very knowledgeable and courteous. In no time the place was back to normal. They saved the day. Highly recommended!

SERVPRO Signal Hill provided me with quick, professional services; my husband and I were impressed. Will definitely use them again in the future......Thanks Guys!!