Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Storm Damage Can Strike Anytime

This shows the aftermath of a storm and how it affected the roof of a family home. We were able to get there and tarp the roof before any further damage could happen inside their home.

When emergencies hit... Call SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach  562 506 4992

Fast Storm Required Even Faster Response

When a strong storm front struck Southern California, many were caught unprepared.  In this instance, this flat roof was overwhelmed with water flooding into the property and collapsing the ceiling.  The property owner responded quickly, immediately calling SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach dispatching a team in less than 1 hour.  The source of water was immediately stopped to prevent additional damage.  Proper debris removal and preparations for equipment were completed and dehumidifiers and air movers were placed.  When you have a water, smoke, fire, or mold emergency call us...Quickly!               562 506 4992

Flood Overwhelms Residential Lobby

A fast moving Southern California weather front unloaded enough water to fully stop existing drain systems and flood the Lobby of the large condominium building in the Long Beach vicinity.  Several methods were used to keep the water from doing additional damage before drains began working again.  Water extraction equipment was used to keep the water level from rising too high and damaging walls.  Ultimately all moisture was extracted, all surfaces were cleaned and sanitized and regular operations were restored... "Like it never even happened."  When emergencies hit... Call SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach  562 506 4992

Storm Damaged Roof Leaks Throughout Home

A quick developing storm caused extensive water damage to ceilings, walls and floors when damaging this homes flat roof. 

Wind and rain created widespread damage throughout all rooms.  Rapid response from SERVPRO Northwest Long Beach limited further damage by securing a tarp over the entire roof within the first hours of the storm. Water extraction, and surgical demolition allowed the drying process to begin quickly.  Call Us Today:

562 506 4992

Fast Response Can Save Thousands In Additional Damages

The homeowner called us before the storm was half over... Fast response saved $$$thousands by getting the water to stop leaking. 

We arrived within an hour of the first call and took action before the rain stopped.  When emergency strikes you need a Partner... 

Call SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach   

562 506 4992

Community Emergency Response Team Training

What great synergy... The world's leading Restoration Company, SERVPRO partnering with Los Angeles County emergency services. 

Henry Sonboli and Tom Benson complete final emergency field test after 3 day CERT training program.  Emergency response in critical for all Communities, Signal Hill has over 40 team members Certified by the Los Angeles County Fire Department and FEMA... Excellent program!  SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach: CALL US   562 506 4992