Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

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Mold Growth in your home

Did you know mold can grown in less than 72 hours, insane right!!

SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach are specialized and certified to take care of any mold situation. As little as 1ft to the entire house we are fully equipped and ready to take the challenge! Mold can cause severe health issues throughout time. Mold spores can worsen asthma, cause fatigue, and even irritate your lungs. Individuals with allergies or compromised immune systems should be wary of mold infestations. Black mold can produce symptoms similar to illness like coughing, sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, and skin rashes. When mold is not removed correctly, it can lead to contamination to other areas of your property.

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Mold in a Signal Hill Family Home

This shows a family dining room after mold remediation done by SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach. The family called as soon as they saw the mold and we were able to remediate in timely manner. 

Call SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach to help identify and remediate any mold issues you may encounter - 562 506 4992 

Mold Comes In All Sizes

SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach is knowledgeable and has the resources to handle any size mold job that you may encounter. 

Call SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach Call at the first suspicion of Mold - 562 506 4992 

Mold Between Walls Behind Kitchen Base Cabinets

A slow leak over a number of months created serious mold growth... Upon opening the wall it was identified that the mold had also embedded in the back side of wall which required removal kitchen cabinets and demolition of walls. Mold can begin to develop within 48 hours of a water event...  Be sure to call SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach  562 506 4992 

Moisture, Mold and Healthcare do not mix well...

What can be more challenging than a busy hospital?  A slow water leak in a healthcare facility led to building secure chambers allowing the completion of mold remediation, sanitizing, and drying.  All compliance criteria needed to be completed before re-certification to renew operations... VICTORY! 

When you need expert assistance during an emergency, call SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach!   562 506 4992

Mold Can Endanger Your Health...

The Science of Mold Remediation is critical to proper elimination of mold.  Improperly completed Mold remediation can quickly expose health and cause unnecessary property damage.

Mold must be properly identified and remediated within compliance processes.  Improper action can actually spread the mold and unnecessarily expose people and pets to potentially dangerous conditions. Call SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach 562 506 4992

Mold Damage - Before Remediation

Mold Damage - Before Remediation. Untreated mold can not only pose serious health risks to you and your family, but can continue to do extensive damage to your property.  Unchecked mold can do damage a building causing it to be structurally unsound.  Call SERVPRO at the first suspicion of Mold.