Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Don't Let A Fire Ruin Your Christmas

Emergencies can happen at any time even during the holidays. This shows a fire at an apartment where some family’s lost items for their Christmas. SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach was there to cleanup and sanitize and dispose of the debris to help make their holiday a little brighter.

When Emergency strikes...Call Us:  562 506 4992

Fire Damage Requires Expert Clean Up

What isn't directly damaged by Fire will often times be severely damaged by smoke.  Debris removal, cleaning, sanding of untreated/unprotected wood, EPA approved solutions to help neutralize harsh smells, Ozone treatment, and fogging are all used to make a fire damaged property habitable again.  It is our job and commitment to get you back to normal as quickly as possible... "Like it never even happened." is more than just a marketing line.  Call SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach when you have a question or an emergency!  562 506 4992 

Small Stove Fire Aftermath

A picture is worth a thousand words... Stove fires can be very dangerous.  First and foremost, call 911 immediately. In this case, smoke created far more damage than the fire, and took SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach several days to clean and neutralize the walls, furniture, and flooring.  Keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen at all times.  For additional information call us at 562 506 4992, we will provide you an excellent brochure on the Do's and Don'ts of emergencies... sometimes what you DON'T do is even more important than what you do.


Whether you live in an urban or rural community, fires in California are a daily occurrence.  This picture is a property that is progressing with reconstruction... Careful selection of materials have dramatically improved a structure's fire resistance... Shingles create the architectural appeal of this design and can now be used because of their fire resistant ratings. 

Always follow your local guidelines for the best practices of fire prevention... Check with you local Fire Department!  If smoke or fire does strike call SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach

562 506 4992

Electronic Fire Under Stairs Blocks Second Floor Evacuation

An electrical fire destroyed portions of the house, expensive electronics, and prevented normal escape from the second floor living quarters.  Fortunately no lives were lost.  Our teams can get you back to normal "Like it never even happened".  SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach can help! 

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Multi-unit Building Fire and Smoke to all Units

Tragedies are heartbreaking... A multi-unit building is severely affected when a lower unit is destroyed by fire. 

After the flames are out it is the responsibility of SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach to complete Safe and Compliant content inventory, demolish damaged structure, cleanup, sanitize/deodorize, and dispose of all debris before reconstruction can commence.  When Emergency strikes...Call Us:  562 506 4992