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Ceiling leak

Ceiling falling? Call SERVPRO

Has your ceiling started to fall? If so Call SERVPRO Northwest Long Beach to get your home back "Like it never even happened." Leaky A/C unit caused this ceiling to fall. SERVPRO was able to detect where leak originated and resolved the problem. 

Mold growth due to water damage

Water Damage In Long Beach Califonia

Henry and his team at SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach came out right away, I was in a panic and their calm demeanor, professional tools and efficiency reassured me that everything would be done fast and RIGHT. Even after everything was done, they followed up. I was in the loop with time frames and communication with Edward (Farmer’s agent) was great help in getting things processed with SERVPRO. In retrospect, I should have called SERVPRO at first to handle the flood and avoid the mold. Henry and his team were great! Thank you!”

Service Trucks 24/7

Service Trucks

We are prude in our work truck appearance.  Next time you see one of our trucks on the road, feel free to give us a wave!

With over 1,700 Franchises in the U.S. and Canada, SERVPRO is a trusted leader in the restoration industry and is dedicated to providing quality service. Our highly trained technicians respond quickly, whether you need water damage restoration or simply need your upholstery cleaned. You can depend on SERVPRO for all of your needs, whether it be water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold remediation, storm damage restoration, cleaning services, the list goes on ….

Mold growth due to rain.

Mold remediaiton

SERVPRO Northwest Long Beach was called after mold damage to this house in Long Beach California.

Due to roof leak, this house got some serious mold growth in several rooms. Our office was contacted for an inspection and consultation. After thorough inspection of each room and the attic we made a recommendation for complete mold remediation. This project took about 2 weeks. The homeowner moved back in and were very satisfied with the result.   

Opeing up the walls to avoid mold growth.

Water Damage In Long Beach Californis

SERVPRO Northwest Long Beach was called after significant water damage from one of the pumps in this midrise building in Long Beach California. Several offices were affected due to this water damage. Moving office furniture and setting up stations to make sure there will be no job interruption for this office was our priority. Our technicians had to extract water, cut the walls to avoid any mold build growth. After cleaning we setup equipment for drying process. One week later we were able to move back the office furniture and have this office conduct their business as usual. As result of our timely response we received positive review from the office manager of the building.

Service Trucks 24/7

Service Trucks

SERVPRO Northwest Long Beach fully equipped service truks are ready to serve 24/7. 

Power Plant Mold Remediation

Industrial Mold Remediation

Mold remediation in Long Beach, California Power Plant.  

Saving Wood Floor

Inject dry wood floor

SERVPRO Northwest Long Beach uses specialty advanced equipment to dry wood flooring efficiently without damage. This setup is extremely quick, easy, and cost efficient for your typical floor drying needs. As long as the floor has not buckled, this Injectdry system can save you thousands in replacement cost.

Project Candy Cup!

It is important to Henry Sonboli that our entire team at SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach  give  back to the communities in which we live and work.

We’ve assist in distributing Senior Lunches through the Signal Hill Brown Bag Lunch Program, volunteer and financially support the Rotary Club of Signal Hill's annual Back to School Supply Program each September, and participate in the semiannual Mayor’s Cleanup

It is a priority to develop relationships with the Community to maintain client satisfaction. 

Don't Let A Fire Ruin Your Christmas

Emergencies can happen at any time even during the holidays. This shows a fire at an apartment where some family’s lost items for their Christmas. SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach was there to cleanup and sanitize and dispose of the debris to help make their holiday a little brighter.

When Emergency strikes...Call Us:  562 506 4992

Mold in a Signal Hill Family Home

This shows a family dining room after mold remediation done by SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach. The family called as soon as they saw the mold and we were able to remediate in timely manner. 

Call SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach to help identify and remediate any mold issues you may encounter - 562 506 4992 

When Water Invades

A Signal Hill family called us after being flooding with water. We were able to extract the water to keep the water from spreading. 

Call SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach when you are faced with an EMERGENCY -  562 506 4992

Water Damage Can Stop Business

A dental office nightmare is to go into work and notice a water all over the office. First thing our client did was call SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach to help out in this emergency. They were happy at how quickly we responded and get there business back up and running. 

When you need expert assistance during an emergency, call SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach!   562 506 4992

Storm Damage Can Strike Anytime

This shows the aftermath of a storm and how it affected the roof of a family home. We were able to get there and tarp the roof before any further damage could happen inside their home.

When emergencies hit... Call SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach  562 506 4992

Water Damage Sometimes Is Not Noticeable

This is a water stain from underneath carpet that is not noticeable by the naked eye. Always call SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach when you have water damage and we can check out how much moisture there is not see by just looking at it. 

When you need expert assistance during a water emergency, call SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach!   562 506 4992

Mold Comes In All Sizes

SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach is knowledgeable and has the resources to handle any size mold job that you may encounter. 

Call SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach Call at the first suspicion of Mold - 562 506 4992 

Flooding in an Office is Always Inconvenient

SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach is always ready to help out with any disaster that your company may unexpectedly come across. Just give us a call day or night at 562-506-4992 and we can be there in no time to help you out to get your business up and running smoothly again.

Fire Damage Requires Expert Clean Up

What isn't directly damaged by Fire will often times be severely damaged by smoke.  Debris removal, cleaning, sanding of untreated/unprotected wood, EPA approved solutions to help neutralize harsh smells, Ozone treatment, and fogging are all used to make a fire damaged property habitable again.  It is our job and commitment to get you back to normal as quickly as possible... "Like it never even happened." is more than just a marketing line.  Call SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach when you have a question or an emergency!  562 506 4992 

Small Stove Fire Aftermath

A picture is worth a thousand words... Stove fires can be very dangerous.  First and foremost, call 911 immediately. In this case, smoke created far more damage than the fire, and took SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach several days to clean and neutralize the walls, furniture, and flooring.  Keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen at all times.  For additional information call us at 562 506 4992, we will provide you an excellent brochure on the Do's and Don'ts of emergencies... sometimes what you DON'T do is even more important than what you do.

Fast Storm Required Even Faster Response

When a strong storm front struck Southern California, many were caught unprepared.  In this instance, this flat roof was overwhelmed with water flooding into the property and collapsing the ceiling.  The property owner responded quickly, immediately calling SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach dispatching a team in less than 1 hour.  The source of water was immediately stopped to prevent additional damage.  Proper debris removal and preparations for equipment were completed and dehumidifiers and air movers were placed.  When you have a water, smoke, fire, or mold emergency call us...Quickly!               562 506 4992


Whether you live in an urban or rural community, fires in California are a daily occurrence.  This picture is a property that is progressing with reconstruction... Careful selection of materials have dramatically improved a structure's fire resistance... Shingles create the architectural appeal of this design and can now be used because of their fire resistant ratings. 

Always follow your local guidelines for the best practices of fire prevention... Check with you local Fire Department!  If smoke or fire does strike call SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach

562 506 4992

Flood Overwhelms Residential Lobby

A fast moving Southern California weather front unloaded enough water to fully stop existing drain systems and flood the Lobby of the large condominium building in the Long Beach vicinity.  Several methods were used to keep the water from doing additional damage before drains began working again.  Water extraction equipment was used to keep the water level from rising too high and damaging walls.  Ultimately all moisture was extracted, all surfaces were cleaned and sanitized and regular operations were restored... "Like it never even happened."  When emergencies hit... Call SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach  562 506 4992

Mold Between Walls Behind Kitchen Base Cabinets

A slow leak over a number of months created serious mold growth... Upon opening the wall it was identified that the mold had also embedded in the back side of wall which required removal kitchen cabinets and demolition of walls. Mold can begin to develop within 48 hours of a water event...  Be sure to call SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach  562 506 4992 

Storm Damaged Roof Leaks Throughout Home

A quick developing storm caused extensive water damage to ceilings, walls and floors when damaging this homes flat roof. 

Wind and rain created widespread damage throughout all rooms.  Rapid response from SERVPRO Northwest Long Beach limited further damage by securing a tarp over the entire roof within the first hours of the storm. Water extraction, and surgical demolition allowed the drying process to begin quickly.  Call Us Today:

562 506 4992

Electronic Fire Under Stairs Blocks Second Floor Evacuation

An electrical fire destroyed portions of the house, expensive electronics, and prevented normal escape from the second floor living quarters.  Fortunately no lives were lost.  Our teams can get you back to normal "Like it never even happened".  SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach can help! 

Call 562 506 4992

Water Floods Commercial Office Space

A rapid influx of water closed this Commercial office facility. The severity required rapid response, on multiple floors with some wall removal for proper drying.  Call SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach when emergencies strike: 562 506 4992

A Broken Pipe Shuts Down Parking Access

All office facilities are operating perfectly, but a black water pipe break prevents all tenants from accessing parking and therefore their high-rise offices.  What are your Emergency Plans if your facility loses all parking availability

Fast Response Can Save Thousands In Additional Damages

The homeowner called us before the storm was half over... Fast response saved $$$thousands by getting the water to stop leaking. 

We arrived within an hour of the first call and took action before the rain stopped.  When emergency strikes you need a Partner... 

Call SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach   

562 506 4992

Water Emergencies Can Stop All Operations...

Water emergencies can erupt from several sources... Broken pipe, leaky pipes, sewer backups can all make a property uninhabitable.  SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach can identify and resolve all the challenges and make you feel "Like it never even happened" quickly.

Multi-unit Building Fire and Smoke to all Units

Tragedies are heartbreaking... A multi-unit building is severely affected when a lower unit is destroyed by fire. 

After the flames are out it is the responsibility of SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach to complete Safe and Compliant content inventory, demolish damaged structure, cleanup, sanitize/deodorize, and dispose of all debris before reconstruction can commence.  When Emergency strikes...Call Us:  562 506 4992

Moisture, Mold and Healthcare do not mix well...

What can be more challenging than a busy hospital?  A slow water leak in a healthcare facility led to building secure chambers allowing the completion of mold remediation, sanitizing, and drying.  All compliance criteria needed to be completed before re-certification to renew operations... VICTORY! 

When you need expert assistance during an emergency, call SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach!   562 506 4992

Joint Emergency Training with LA County, Long Beach, and Signal Hill

Great day training in Los Angeles for our Community Emergency Response Team Joint Operation with Long Beach, Los Angeles County and Signal Hill.  Emergency preparedness and rapid response... and reinforced skills.  What a great Complement to SERVPRO'S daily commitment and response to Fire, Water and other emergency service events.  

When Disaster Hits You Need Resources...

SERVPRO is your most qualified choice when disaster strikes.  We are staffed, trained, and equipped to give rapid response at the time you need it the most.  With in-depth resources, multiple certifications, and a commitment to you to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  We partner with you to  help recover "Like it never even happened."  Call Us  562 506 4992.

Community Emergency Response Team Training

What great synergy... The world's leading Restoration Company, SERVPRO partnering with Los Angeles County emergency services. 

Henry Sonboli and Tom Benson complete final emergency field test after 3 day CERT training program.  Emergency response in critical for all Communities, Signal Hill has over 40 team members Certified by the Los Angeles County Fire Department and FEMA... Excellent program!  SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach: CALL US   562 506 4992

Do It Right The First Time... or Do It Again!

SERVPRO is ready 24/7/365 with emergency response teams, equipment, and environmentally friendly solutions when the unexpected happens.   We have the resources to get water, fire, and other emergencies stabilized and cleaned up properly the first time.  Helping you get life back to normal as quickly as possible...  "Like it never even happened."

Emergency Response Program

Having a prior plan in place before disaster hits allows gives you an immediate Plan of Action.  SERVPRO'S Emergency Response Program can walk you though your most effective Emergency Plan BEFORE emergency strikes.  For far more decisive action and a much faster recovery... Talk to SERVPRO today.  We are ready to help you with restoration preplanning. 

SERVPRO Northwest Ribbon Cutting

What a great day... The Chamber of Commerce recognizes SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach expansion.  The Mayor, Officers, City Officials, the Chamber of Commerce are all present to join in this most recent achievement... More space, more capabilities, more service to the community!!!   Let the Celebrations begin!

Call SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach Today!

562 506 4992

SERVPRO Northwest Ribbon Cutting

SERVPRO Officers, City Officials, the Chamber of Commerce are all present... Let the Celebrations begin!

Mold Can Endanger Your Health...

The Science of Mold Remediation is critical to proper elimination of mold.  Improperly completed Mold remediation can quickly expose health and cause unnecessary property damage.

Mold must be properly identified and remediated within compliance processes.  Improper action can actually spread the mold and unnecessarily expose people and pets to potentially dangerous conditions. Call SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach 562 506 4992

SERVPRO - In Long Beach & Signal Hill, CA

SERVPRO of Northwest Long Beach serves the Southern California with Water, Smoke, Fire, and Mold restoration services.  Expert skills, equipment, and solutions make SERVPRO an Industry Leader.  Emergency services 24/7/365.  

562 506 4992

Mold Damage - Before Remediation

Mold Damage - Before Remediation. Untreated mold can not only pose serious health risks to you and your family, but can continue to do extensive damage to your property.  Unchecked mold can do damage a building causing it to be structurally unsound.  Call SERVPRO at the first suspicion of Mold.